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Monteverde Extremo Park

Canopy Extreme offers modern and secure equipment, detailed safety and equipment orientation, experienced guides, waterfall views...
2-8 h Hours
$ / Person

Damas Island Mangrove Boat Tour

Explore the Isla Damas mangrove ecosystem on a comfortable boat gliding along the water while birdwatching...
4 Hours
$ 70-140 / Person

ATV Tour

Costa Rica is full of activities and adventures available to you during your vacation in this...
2-6 Hours
$ 75 / Person

Bioluminescence kayak tour

There are only a handful of places in the world that have bioluminescence all year-round and...
1.5 Hours
$ 45 / Person

Canyoning & Waterfall Rappelling

Costa Rica’s different mountain ranges have created some astonishing waterfalls that are well worth a visit....
4 Hours
$ 95 / Person

Coffee and Chocolate Tours

Costa Rica is world-famous for its great coffee, the Arabic coffee bean was brought to Costa...
2 Hours
$ 35 / Person

Diamante Eco Adventure Park

If you are visiting the province of Guanacaste in the northwest of Costa Rica and want...
1-8 Hours
$ 52 / Person

Dolphin tour

Costa Rica with its two beautiful coasts, the Pacific and the Caribbean, offers an immense marine...
3.5 Hours
$ 60 / Person

Golf in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a lot to offer and the beauty of visiting this small and very...
2-5 Hours
$ 65 / Person

Hanging bridges

Costa Rica is world-famous for its amazing diversity in nature and wildlife and many travelers from...
2-4 Hours
$ 45 / Person

Hiking and Trekking tour

Costa Rica is an absolutely amazing country with its immense diversity of nature and wildlife. 5%...
1-6 hours
$ 55 / Person

Horseback riding

Costa Rica is a beautiful country with great natural diversity. While visiting this gem of a...
2-3 Hours
$ 55 / Person

Irazu volcano

Irazu Volcano is located close to Costa Rica’s current capital San Jose and its previous capital...
7-11 hours
$ 70 / Person

Mountain biking

Costa Rica with its over 200 volcanic formations, different mountain ranges, and incredible nature offers many...
1-4 hours depending on trails
$ 80 / Person

Night hiking tours

Let us here at Tulu Travel take you on an amazing adventure in one of the...
4 Hours
$ 35 / Person

Poás Volcano

If you are spending a full day or more in the capital of Costa Rica, San...
10 Hours
$ 125 / Person

Rio Celeste

Rio Celeste is located in Tenorio Volcano National Park and is one of Costa Rica’s most...
7-8 Hours
$ 95 / Person

Scuba Diving

Nature and wildlife in Costa Rica are world-famous but it’s not only on land where the...
4 Hours
$ 65 / Person

Sky tram Monteverde

When in Monteverde there are many ways to explore and discover the cloud forest. The cloud...
1-2 Hours
$ 48 / Person
A sloth haning from a tree and looking in the camera

Sloth tour

Costa Rica has one of the world’s greatest diversity in nature and more than 5% of...
2-3 Hours
$ 60 / Person

Snorkeling Tours

Snorkeling in Costa Rica is available on both coasts of the country. In general, the best...
2-3 Hours
$ 50 / Person

Snorkeling trip to Isla Tortuga

Isla Tortuga is a small island in the Pacific Ocean with one of the most beautiful...
6-8 Hours
$ 70 / Person

Stand up paddle board

A great way to discover Costa Rica and its marine life is by taking a lesson...
2 Hours
$ 65 / Person

Sunset Cruise Catamaran

This SunSet Cruise Catamaran is a combination of relaxation and adventure with a stunning scenery of...
4 Hours
$ 85 / Person

Surf lessons

Surfing is an incredible sport combined with an amazing lifestyle. We here at Tulu Travel want...
2 Hours
$ 55 / Person

Hot springs

Here at Tulu Travel we are all about offering you the best possible activities while visiting...
Half-day & full-day availability
$ 55 / Person

Turtle nesting tour

Turtles are fascinating and beautiful reptiles that live in the ocean and five of their species...
4 hours
$ 83 / Person

Waterfall + Volcano Hike + Hot Springs

Costa Rica has more than 200 volcanic formations and the most famous one is the Volcano...
Half day or full day
$ 69-245 / Person

Volcano Rincón de la Vieja Adventure Day

Costa Rica is a country with amazing nature and wildlife. The small country has more than...
7 hours
$ 155 / Person

Waterfall tour

Waterfalls are a beautiful blessing by nature and they generally are created in the upper parts...
2 hours
$ 55 / Person

Whale watching tour

Costa Rica’s marine life is absolutely stunning and a great variety of fishes and mammals are...
4 hours
$ 80 / Person

White water rafting

Costa Rica’s high elevation combined with a 14-river system that drains in the Pacific Ocean and...
3-6 hours
$ 75 / Person

Wildlife river boat safari

Costa Rica is world-famous for its nature and wildlife. People come from all over the world...
2 hours + transportation
$ 55 / Person

Excursion package Drake Bay Wilderness Resort

Depending on your stay (3 nights/2 tours, 4 nights/ 3 tours, 6 nights/ 5 tours) you...
Between 1-3 hours per activity
$ This package is not sold separately. It´s included with your stay at Drake Bay Wilderness Resort / Person

3 Excursions package Tortuguero

While staying at Aninga, Pachira, or Evergreen these are the 3 tours included in this great...
Between 1-3 hours per activity
$ This package is not sold separately. It´s included with your stay at Aninga, Pachira, or Evergreen Lodges. / Person

Selvatura adventure day Monteverde

During your visit to Monteverde you can have a wonderful full day with four different experiences...
6 Hours
$ 153 / Person

Canopy Zip-Line

Costa Rica is world-famous for its natural diversity, and a great way to discover this is...
2 Hours
$ 55 / Person

Monkey Quest

Costa Rica is home to 4 different species of monkeys. The Howler, White Face or Capuchin,...
2-3 Hours
$ 85 / Person

Jungle day pass

The only spa of its kind in Costa Rica, the Diⱽ Shum Spa explores the transformational...
2 Hours
$ 95 / Person

Tortuguero Rainforest Family Expedition

Your tour starts with Tortuguero National Park that protect 51,870 acres of one of the last...
3 nights 4 days
$ 978 / Person

Punta Islita Wild Macaw Reserve

Previously extinct in this area of Guanacaste, The Punta Islita Wild Macaw Reserve successfully brought back...
1 Hour
$ 20 / Person


With amazing rivers and coastlines on the both the Pacific and Caribbean fronts, Costa Rica kayaking...
2-8 Hours
$ 35 / Person

Tortuguero Jungle Expedition

Your Tortuguero Jungle Expedition starts of at either San José, Arenal, Puerto Viejo/Cahuita or Sarapiqui. Taking...
2 nights 3 days
$ 718 / Person

Manuel Antonio Park Guided Tour

Established in 1972, the Manuel Antonio National Park is Costa Rica’s smallest national park, with only...
3 Hours
$ 55 / Person

Cabécar Indigenous Hike

Giving you an exclusive look into the lives of Costa Rica’s largest indigenous group, the Cabécar...
5 Hours
$ 110 / Person

Forest Sundown Dinner

Hidden within a cloud forest of Costa Rica, just 1.5 hours from the San Jose International...
2-3 Hours
$ 85 / Person

Cabécar indigenous experience

Day 1Visit with a local family and have dinner overlooking the rainforest. On the way up...
3-6 per tour hours
$ This excursion package is included during your stay at Barbilla Rainforest Lodge. Not sold separately. / Person

Excursions package Tortuga Lodge & Gardens

While staying at Tortuga Lodge & Gardens there are the 3 tours included in this 3...
Between 1-3 per activity
$ Not sold Separately /

Las Gemelas Waterfall Hike El Silencio Lodge & Spa

A unique and tranquil luxury resort in Costa Rica, El Silencio Lodge & Spa is an...
3 Hours
$ 50 / Person

Sunset Boat Tour El Mangroove

El Mangroove gives you an experience of a lifetime with its amazing Sunset Tour along Panama...
3 Hours
$ 390 / Group

Caño Island snorkeling tour

This amazing snorkling tour you can do from both Drake Bay and Uvita. It takes approximately...
5-7 Hours
$ 140 / Person

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