Why the name Tulu Travel?

Tulu Travel is named after the first tribe language Cabecar and their word for moon. We want to raise awareness about this tribe who are Costa Rica’s original tribe with its own beautiful language based on the Caribbean side of the country. We are hoping to bring more people to Costa Rica and interact with the amazing tribe and country and get a more complete insight and open a new world for you as a traveler.

The moon itself is a celestial phenomenon that has inspired all people at all times. For people in the rainforest, it was obviously a source of light at night and, as in all cultures, was given importance for its influence on the earth and all living things that exist there.

The Cabécar people come from the corn seeds that the great Sibú sowed. In the beginning of time, all these creatures had a human form and Sibú had together with various animals built the universe, the “big house” of natural materials where everything beautiful that exists on earth would fit. When this was done, he dreamed one night of a paradise in the universe that consisted of a large beautiful stone that wandered across the firmament. When Sibú woke up, he began to think about how to create something like this. He sought out relatives for help, and they said that Sibu would become Mister Sun and that they would help create the woman who would become the Moon.

After the sun gave life to so much beauty on earth, the large beautiful stone could be made from flowers, clay, water, seeds, and shells that were in the forest. All this was laid on a large stone and formed with the help of a smaller oblong stone into the smooth dough. Sibu then threw out the clay-like mass in the universe. The moon was beautiful. She got clothes in red, yellow, blue, and white tones and has long braids in her hair. Her task was forever to have a great influence on all living things on earth.

The story of the moon has been passed down from generation to generation and, like all Cabécar myths, is full of interesting details. The connection between the female figure and the moon becomes concrete as the phases of the moon are associated with the woman’s menstrual cycle and the time of menstruation can be read on the phases of the moon. Like many indigenous peoples or people living in rural areas, the lunar phases also determine the best time to clear sly, sow and harvest, hunt, fish, or collect medicinal plants or materials to make houses, baskets, drinking vessels, and other household utensils.



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