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Costa Rica with its over 200 volcanic formations, different mountain ranges, and incredible nature offers many different amazing trails. Mountain biking in Costa Rica can be done as tours or just by renting the bike itself. Some tours include sole mountain biking on trails while others also make combos with whitewater rafting for example. The different tour depends on your location while you are on vacation in Costa Rica so we’ll tell you more about a few of the different options.

A great place to go biking is north of Flamingo, Conchal, and Tamarindo where you can go Mountain biking in Costa Rica on a 20-mile trail outside of Las Catalinas. This is an amazing place where you can go in fast downhills, challenging uphills and long stretches of beautiful flat tracks. There are a few different tracks available depending on your experience. The tracks are 3-4 ft wide and are built to largely comply with IMBA trail standards.

If you are travelling more south of the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica you can visit the beautiful beach town Samara and from there enjoy an exciting mountain biking tour. On this tour you will feel the wind blow through your hair as you bike down the mountainous hills on Samara’s backroads. The tropical dry forest will show you amazing views, enormous trees, and exciting wildlife. While passing on dirt roads, rivers, small hills, and mountains we will pass farmlands with cows, horses, and many different tropical birds.

Monteverde is one of Costa Rica’s most famous forest areas, and this magical place also offers mountain biking tours. This is a cloud forest and the fog is constant in this beautiful area. There are more than 750 tree species, 500 species of tropical birds and the biggest concentration of orchid species worldwide. The trail itself in Monteverde Cloud Forest is 8 miles and the scenery is stunning.
There are several snakes, lizards, amphibians, and insects in this forest that we may spot as we bike through streams and farmlands.

Arenal is another great place to go mountain biking. With the majestic volcano and the beautiful rainforest as a constant backdrop this makes this a great spot. Several mountain biking tours are offered from here as both half and full days depending on your preferences. From here you can also choose to combine your mountain biking with a whitewater rafting tour. This full-day tour will leave you excited and with a memory of a lifetime!


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