Eco-Sustainable & Social Responsibility

at Tulu travel, we believe it’s our responsibility to protect the planet.

Tulu Travel is the first carbon neutral travel agency in Costa Rica.

How does it work?

One person going on vacation in Costa Rica for two weeks is using on average 1 ton of CO2 during the trip. That includes, hotel stay, transfers, tours, food and all the fun.
Our solution is that we plant one tree in a protected area in Osa in the south of Costa Rica. This tree, the ground it stands on and all the other plants and flowers that will grow under it generate a minimum of 1 tonne of CO2. Some trees that have a long lifespan generate even more.
So in this way we make your whole journey CO2-neutral. If you stay longer than two weeks, we plant two trees = 2 ton CO2 and if you stay longer than four weeks 3 trees = 3 tons CO2 and so on.

When you book your vacation with us we plant the right amount of trees for your group with a minimum 1 tree = 1 tonne CO2 per person. So if you stay less than 2 weeks you make a positive offset on the CO2 on the planet during your vacation!

We have teamed up with Forest Friends and Green Initiative which connects ecosystem efforts with voluntary carbon offsetting from the tourism industry. They started doing this for Machu Picchu in Peru with great success and now it’s time for Tulu Travel and Costa Rica to do the same. Here in Costa Rica we work together with Saimiri Fondacion in Osa Osa Peninsula, a region with a high concentration of biodiversity of global relevance. Through the strategic alliance between us, we work on forest recovery in degraded areas with the purpose of enriching, connecting, and restoring the degraded habitat in which the primates of Costa Rica inhabit.

Saimiri Fondation is planting and monitoring the planted trees and checking them every 2 months the first year and dead trees are replaced.

The trees that we plant are all a selection of native species and for a special reason. They all work together to restore the forest in a good and natural way. But it will also protect the eating environment of the monkeys and other animals and that helps maintain biodiversity in the forest.

List of tree species

Spanish Name Scientific Name English Name
Hyeronima alchornoides
Bully Tree
Pejibaye de montana
Astrocaryum standleyanum
Black Palm
Fruta Dorada
Virola laevigata
Virola spp
Inga spp.
Palma real
Attalea butyracea
Wine Palm
Cecropia peltata
Trumpet tree
Pouteria spp.
Brosimum alicastrum
Ochroma pyramidale
Balsa Tree
Lengua de Vaca
Miconia spp.
Velvet Tree
Cecropia obtusifolia
Vitex cooperi (EN)
Chaste Tree
Inga bella (EN)
Inga Bella, found only in CR.

If you want to visit your tree(s) and see the work we do in OSA with Saimiri Foundation we can include that in your vacation package. That way you get a guided tour to the places where we plant your tree(s). The trees are planted during the rainy season each year so they get enough water when they get planted and don’t dry out in the strong Costa Rican sun. If you come on your vacation during the dry season maybe your tree is not yet planted due to this procedure. You will still see the project and see where your tree(s) are going to grow big and beautiful in the near future. Travel smart and save the planet with us at Tulu Travel!


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