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Costa Rica with its two beautiful coasts, the Pacific and the Caribbean, offers an immense marine life. The country is world famous for marine life, and travelers come visit the country for scuba diving, snorkeling, sport fishing, whale safaris, catamaran tours, and of course, one of the many exciting Dolphin tours.

Dolphins in Costa Rica can be found all year around in Costa Rica on both of the coasts. Bottlenose dolphins are the most common dolphins in Costa Rica and they are found on both coasts all year around. Together with the Guyana dolphins they are the only dolphins on the Caribbean side. They stay together in big groups and families. Rough toothed dolphins are the second most common species in Costa Rica and can be seen pretty much all year-around on the Pacific coast. They have a longer, narrower nose and their flippers are set further back on their bodies.

Another species that can be found in Costa Rica all year around now but that was close to extinction earlier is the spotted dolphin. It’s known for its spots on chins, throats, and bellies and famous for their playfulness.

Two species that can be seen seasonally are the pseudo orca that resembles a killer whale and the spinner dolphins that are famous for their high-flying acrobatics.

Something really special is the relationship between the Guyana dolphin and the bottlenose dolphin on the Caribbean coast. They are distantly related and they both have their unique languages. According to new studies they still interact socially over the species line even though they have different languages.

A typical Dolphin tour consists of a 3.5-hour boat tour where we go out to watch dolphins that are seen all around the year. If we are lucky we can also spot humpback whales in the latter stages of the year. On our tour we also make a stop for snorkeling and we put out the lines from the boat trolling with the ambition to catch one of the very many strong fighting fishes such as rooster fish, yellowfin tuna, and mahi-mahi. It’s a beautiful day at sea!


Snorkeling and fishing equipment
Fresh fruits and drinks
Not included: gratuities
Air-conditioned transportation
Bilingual professional guide

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