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Nature and wildlife in Costa Rica are world-famous but it’s not only on land where the country offers immense amounts of animals. As Costa Rica borders both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea the marine life also has a great diversity, which makes this an amazing place for Scuba Diving.

Some of the best destinations to go Scuba Diving in Costa Rica are Guanacaste in the northwest part of Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio in the central Pacific, Drake Bay in the southwest Pacific, and Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean coast.

The seasons vary depending on the dry or rainy season also known as the green season. The dry season is between December and April, and on the Pacific coast that means less winds and greater visibility. The visibility can be up to 100 feet (30 meters) and the pelagic species leaves and are replaced by colorful fish and macro species. This is a great place and time for beginner Scuba Diving. The Caribbean side has its dry season April to December where the winds and ocean are calmer. The water temperature during the dry season varies between 26-29ºC/78-84ºF and gets as cool as 19ºC/68ºF when cooler currents come into Costa Rica. Average air temperatures are 33°C/92°F in the dry season and 27°C/82°F in the green season. When the lower water temperatures hit, the chances of seeing humpback whales, pilot whales, giant manta rays, whale sharks, and more increases.

The green season May until November is a great time for more advanced divers interested in pelagic action. During these months’ nutrient swells attract bull sharks at the Bat Islands and hammerhead sharks in Coco Islands.

In Guanacaste you should take the chance to go Scuba Diving at Catalina Islands where you can dive in a popular dive spot, the shark cave, and find interesting arches and exciting coral growth on coral formations.

Another great dive site is the Bat Islands where you can go Scuba Diving with bull sharks at 100 feet (30 m) deep. This is a super exciting dive for advanced divers.

At the beautiful Tortuga Islands, you can go diving at different wrecks such as dive sites Franklin Chang, Coronel Alfonso Monge, and the Caroline Star.

The Caribbean side of the country offers pristine reefs and a few shipwrecks and is less developed than the Pacific coast.

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