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Monkey Quest

Duration: 2-3
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Costa Rica is home to 4 different species of monkeys. The Howler, White Face or Capuchin, Squirrel and Spider and with the country known for having more monkeys than humans, it won’t take you by surprise to see monkeys almost everywhere you go and all four spices to boot. If you love watching monkeys go about their day, swinging through the tree tops and howling for the world to hear, there Costa Rica is the place to be.

With Punta Islita’s Monkey Quest tour, you have a chance to explore the jungles looking at these curious animals while they busy themselves in the treetops. With a collection of transportation available, you have an easy, safe and comfortable method to explore their habitat. The jungles provide a safe haven for these animals to live and an experienced environment for the local wildlife’s rehabilitation and release needs. Take in the sights and sounds of the beautiful natural habitat as you enter the jungle and hear the howler monkeys cry echoing within. These guided Monkey Quest nature walks with help you learn more about Costa Rica’s famed tropical forests and vivid variety of wildlife.

The raucous howler monkey is among the largest monkey species in the Americas, and its whooping growl can be heard over a 3-mile radius, bringing it to the top of the animal charts as the loudest land animal. The Monkey Quest tour will give you an opportunity to get up close and personal with these incredible animals on the guided hike through the Costa Rica rainforest. The guides telescope will give you a chance to look at these animals more closely without encroaching their natural habitat. The rich natural diversity allows the beautiful creature to like in a protected and safe environment. While you are observing the monkeys frolicking in the treetops, take your time to also check out some of the beautiful birds that call this forest home. The rich tropical forest around the hotel, the coastal wetlands and marine ecosystems makes Punta Islita a unique destination that attracts wildlife enthusiasts, bird watchers, and photography buffs from all over the world.


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