Bioluminescence kayak tour

Bioluminescence kayak tour

Duration: 1.5
Starting from: $45


There are only a handful of places in the world that have bioluminescence all year-round and this little cove in front of the fishing lodge is one of these. Every night you can take a kayak trip around the islands and see the blue-green plankton shimmering like fireworks in the surface water around you on this bioluminescent kayak tour. It is best seen when it is dark, so at a new moon or when it is overcast, you see this incredible natural phenomenon even stronger. If the currents go towards the lodge's beach, you can also take an evening dip in the sea and witness your whole body lighting up in a turquoise sparkling shimmer for a short while when it meets the air.

This bioluminescent kayak tour requires no previous experience of kayaking. Your guide will take you on a short but exciting paddle tour of about 1 hour in the water. You will make many stops along the way to experience this incredible natural phenomenon, bioluminescent kayak tour. Here in Paquera Bay, Bioluminescent plankton are so strong that every movement in the water gives a sparkling light show, the movement of your kayak and even the fish in the water give off a sparkling light when they swim in the water.


Not included: gratuities
Bilingual professional guide
Life jacket

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