3 Excursions package Tortuguero

3 Excursions package Tortuguero

Duration: Between
Starting from: $This package is not sold separately. It´s included with your stay at Aninga, Pachira, or Evergreen Lodges.


While staying at Aninga, Pachira, or Evergreen these are the 3 tours included in this great package:

Tortuguero is truly a magical place, and one of the exciting tours that you will get to experience on the river delta is the riverboat tour. The riverboat tour with your professional bilingual guide will take you through the rivers of Tortuguero’s national park. Here you get to see all of the old rainforest and all the animals that live there, which is very exciting! You can see crocodiles, caimans, turtles, and iguanas. Up in the treetops you can see three different species of monkeys and all the amazing birds that live around the rivers. The riverboats are safe and will take you smoothly through the canals to get great photos and experiences!

The second tour is the rainforest walk/hike in the forest with your professional bilingual guide who will take you to see the inside of the magnificent rainforest. This tour gives you the opportunity to see even more animals and, if you're lucky, get a close encounter with cute sloths! Your guide will show you how the ecosystem works, and you will get a new understanding of the trees and flowers of the rainforest. This walk is not that physically demanding so it´s suitable for all ages.

The third tour is a visit to Tortuguero Beach and Village. Here you get to see how the locals live in the small village of Tortuguero with the Caribbean ocean on one side and the river only 985 ft (300m) across from the small island where the lodges are. Your guide will also take you on a walk on the beach so that during turtle nesting season you get the chance to see the turtles come up on land and lay their eggs. Due to strong currents swimming is not recommended at the beach for safety reasons.

You can also purchase an additional special guided turtle tour in the hotel if it is in season during your stay.

Your guide will notify you of the times of these tours at the lodge as they differ depending on weather and occupation of the lodges.


Professional bilingual guide
Boat transportation
Rubber boots if needed
Not included: 17 USD national park entrance fee for adults, 6 USD for children

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