Whale watching tour

Whale watching tour

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Costa Rica’s marine life is absolutely stunning and a great variety of fishes and mammals are to be found off the coast of the country. One of the most beautiful things to see in nature is a giant Humpback whale taking a jump out of the water and landing on its back whipping its tail while splashing great amounts of water. The Humpback whale can get up to 50 ft long (15 meters) and weigh up to 40 ton (88 200 lbs.). The Humpback whales are often accompanied by their calves and it’s a treat to watch them play together with their mothers. The female Humpbacks grow to be bigger than the males.

Costa Rica has two seasons where the Humpback whales come to breed and raise their calves. The first season is between July and the end of October when the southern hemisphere whales come from Antarctica. The second season is during the Costa Rican summer between December and February when the northern hemisphere Humpback whales come from California, the state of Washington and Alaska to breed and raise their calves. These amazing creatures can be spotted all over the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica but one place specially is great for a Whale watching tour and that is Uvita on the southwest coast of Costa Rica.

The Marino Ballena National Park is located in Bahia Ballena, Uvita in Costa Rica. It’s an amazing national park and the main beach is actually formed as a whale tail by nature! Uvita attracts the Humpback whales because of its warm and safe waters. We offer an amazing Whale watching tour from this magical place that will pick you up early in the morning and take you to the beautiful beach for a short safety briefing. Then we get on our boat with the hope of hearing the whales sing and watch them jump and play. While on this trip we can also be lucky to spot Pacific spotted dolphins and bottlenose dolphins that live here all year around. This beautiful part of the south Pacific also has a lot of beautiful species of birds and sea turtles that we can see if we are lucky.

During this half day tour snorkeling is also included if the conditions allow it. Mainly snorkeling is during the dry season when the water is clear and there is no rain. Then we will stop and snorkel over Central America’s biggest coral reef where we can see reef fishes such as bi-color parrot fish, angel fish, puffer fish, and much more. If the conditions won’t allow us to snorkel we will get the opportunity to jump into the ocean from the boat and enjoy the lovely warm water of the Pacific Ocean.


Professional bilingual guide
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Not included: gratuities
Snorkeling equipment

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