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Costa Rica has one of the world’s greatest diversity in nature and more than 5% of its species are found here. One of the, if not THE, most popular animal is the cute sloth. Costa Rica has two species of sloths; the most famous one is the brown-throated three-toed sloth with its black eye patches and “smiling” mouths. The second beauty is the Hoffmann’s two-toed sloth, which is bigger, has a white-ringed face, brown snout, and shaggy coat. The sloths can be spotted both on the Caribbean Coast, the central parts and on the Pacific Coast.

We here at Tulu Travel offer a variety of Sloth tours where you can see the sloth in the wild or in sanctuaries where they have been rescued and are cared for. One of the most popular sloth sanctuaries is the Sloth Sanctuary Costa Rica on the Caribbean Coast north of Cahuita and Puerto Viejo. This is the original sloth sanctuary of Costa Rica and it was declared by the Costa Rican government a biological reserve in 1975 under its original name Aviarios del Caribe. The first sloth was cared for back in 1992 when it became a sloth sanctuary from earlier being used mainly for birds. Today the buttercup tour offers you a fun introduction on sloths in the learning center where you will meet the slots before we head out for a 45-minute canoe tour where we get to see sloths in the wild.

Another popular place to watch sloths in the wild is in the mountain town of Fortuna close to the volcano Arenal. From here we will take you on a Sloth tour with a professional bilingual guide that will walk with you in the rainforest and hopefully spot both two-toed and three-toed sloths during your hike. This is a fun tour where our experienced guide will tell you different stories about the sloths in the area and also give you a great opportunity to spot other animals such as monkeys, brightly colored toucans, iguanas, and many other reptiles.

If you are in the area of Guanacaste in the northwest part of Costa Rica there is a chance to enjoy a Sloth tour at Diamante Eco Adventure Park where they have a sloth sanctuary. The two-toed sloths that are being nursed here are rescued from other parts of the country and they have found their new homes here. You’ll get to meet Diesel, Mia, and Lucy while spending your day here.


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