Tortuguero is one of the most unique places in Costa Rica, and with its many canals and rivers going through the rainforest this national park is one of a kind. During a visit here you get to explore the amazing nature that is home to so many animals and birds. The national park and its small village next to the Caribbean Sea are both named Tortuguero, which means “place of the turtle” and this is because the beaches here are really important nesting places for the four species of turtles including the two giants, Leatherback and green sea turtle. During nesting season we offer guided turtle tours from all the hotels located here. The national park is also home to 300+ bird species and numerous other animals, crocodiles, caimans, and manatees in the water and sloths, iguana, monkeys in the trees. If you’re really lucky you can see jaguar and other cats here too, but it is extremely unusual to see them.

You can also come to Tortuguero to fish the big silver king, tarpon and you can book just a one-day fishing together with your visit to the national park. Or you can go just one hour north by boat and you come to Barra del Colorado where the Colorado River goes out into the Caribbean Sea. Here you have one of the best tarpon fishing waters in the world. If you dream of catching a giant tarpon up to 125kg, this is the place for you!
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To get here you need to travel by boat or flight so we recommend you to stay a minimum two nights in one of the amazing jungle lodges that we work with here. They provide you with full service with three meals a day in their restaurants and all the tours that you want to do. Read more here:

The Best Time to Visit this amazing place is all year round. The weather in Tortuguero is almost the same year around, hot and humid and it can rain, it’s a rainforest. So bring a rain poncho and a plastic bag for the camera and phone and you’ll have no problem if it starts raining during one of your tours here. The nesting season for green sea turtles and Hawksbill turtles is during July to October with peak season in August.  The Leatherback turtles’ peak months are February to April. But no worries, you have a chance to see individual turtles at any time of the year.

  • Inhabitants/size : 1200
  • Province : Limón

Closest Airport

Domestic: Tortuguero (5min)
International: San Jose (5,5h)


Tortuga Lodge & Gardens

Tortuga Lodge & Gardens

Nature & Wildlife

Tortuga Lodge & Gardens features lush lawns, orchids, and tropical trees located at riverside owned by Costa Rica Expeditions and renowned for its nature packages an

From: 246 USD / night / double room. included: breakfast