Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is a town to the west on the Nicoya Peninsula. The town is remotely located, which has kept it small and unexploited. This is a great location for surf and relaxing!
Inhabitants/size: 1500
Province: Puntarenas


Many people come to Costa Rica to surf. Whether you are an expert or beginner Santa Teresa has a lot of great surfing to offer! There are constant offshore winds on this Pacific beach, which provides great conditions for surfing. During the dry season (December – May) there is no rain and the waves are perfect for beginners. When the green season starts between May – December the waves pick up and it becomes a great place for more experienced surfers. Santa Teresa has a very international population so the surf spots are not localized so you can enjoy your waves without worrying about taking up someone else’s waves.

Besides its great surfing Santa Teresa also offers a good variety of restaurants in the town. There is a main road that runs parallel to the main beach and most restaurants are located here. You will find restaurants and food from all over the world and there are some really great ones that will give you memories for a lifetime!

Santa Teresa is also a known yoga community in Costa Rica and internationally. Many people come here to do yoga and meditate, and there are camps and classes offered by hotels that are included with your stay. The ambience of this town is very chill and people come here to relax. Surfing and yoga go hand-in-hand. There is not very much of a nightlife; this is a good family vacation spot, but please bear in mind the strong current in the ocean as the beach is not recommended for swimming. If you come for surfing it’s absolutely great but if you are looking to tan and swim we strongly recommend hotels with swimming pools.

Nearby there are more places to discover. The next town is Malpais, which is also known for surfing and its great sportfishing. This is a sleepy fishing town but has great waves and a slow pace. If you want to discover some of the amazing nature in the area you can go to Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve, which is located 3 miles (4.8 km) outside of Santa Teresa. This is the country’s first protected area and it ranges 1,270 hectares and is the home of over 150 bird species such as brown pelicans, laughing gulls, ospreys, and brown boobies. This is a very important seabird sanctuary and exciting trails and stunning ocean views await you!


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