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Montezuma Beach is the ultimate Costa Rican getaway. From family trips to honeymooners, there are few experiences as revitalizing and eye-opening as a trip to the quiet beaches of Montezuma. The jungle that surrounds and protects Montezuma from the effects of major populations and the outside world is dense and amazing, full of native wildlife, and vegetation.

Though it may be small, Montezuma is nothing short of a vibrant, almost bohemian- type town. It features an incredible collection of restaurants that serve food from all over the world. The community is well connected and like-minded, and there are several options available for arriving safely to your destination. 

If you’re planning a trip to Montezuma, you should know the best ways to get to this beautiful beach-side town. From shuttle bus (if you’re on a budget), to driving or renting a car, there are a few options for getting to Montezuma. The roads in the region are notoriously rough, but they continue to slowly improve over time. You’ll definitely need to travel via 4 x 4 or rough- terrain vehicle, so if renting is the best option for you, don’t hesitate to do so. Without a vehicle that can handle the terrain, you may risk getting caught in the mud, on loose gravel, or on a steep incline. 

There is plenty to do in Montezuma, and you certainly will not find yourself running short of activities while you’re on vacation. North of town sits Montezuma’s most popular beach, Playa Montezuma. Here, you’ll find people sunbathing on the sand, taking a swim in the beautiful blue, yet choppy, water, and setting up camp underneath the palm trees. 

If you find that you’re up for adventure, you can keep traveling north and explore additional secluded beaches. Be sure that you pack water and snacks to follow trails off the beach, and explore Playa Grande, which is a 45-minute walk from Playa Montezuma. Playa Grande is long, beautiful, and one of the best beaches in the area for surfing. The walk to Playa Grande is backed by beautiful jungle views, so be sure that you keep an eye on the animal population.

One of the most popular tourist sites at Montezuma is the waterfalls. Sitting just south of town, the waterfalls feature three cascades that are gorgeous to take in. You’ll find that many locals and tourists alike will picnic at the largest of the falls, and many will jump in and swim in the other two. 

Montezuma has plenty to offer, and it’s truly a Costa Rican gem. If you have the chance to tour it yourself, we cannot recommend it more. 

  • Inhabitants/size : 500
  • Province : Puntarenas


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