Nosara Beach is the new hot spot on the Pacific coast. The small surf town has started to grow and is now also home to some amazing yoga, health retreats, and luxury villas, and all is beautifully incorporated in the lush natural surroundings. You can easily go on a 1-2-hour yoga or surf class when you’re in Nosara or come on everything from a week up to a month-long retreat with one of the many great retreats here.

Located in the south of Guanacastes, Nosara Beach offers you a lot of great activities both in the water and on land. Enjoy the thrilling experience of a canopy zip-line through the forest. The fishing in Costa Rica is amazing and Nosara is no different. Here you can go on epic sportfishing trips after Blue Marlin, Sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna, Mahi Mahi, and a lot more. If you’re lucky you can see both dolphins and whales on your fishing trip or go on a special whale and dolphin trip.

The wildlife and nature is amazing in Nosara and you can see Howler monkeys, iguanas, crocodiles, and hundreds of colorful birds around. But the most amazing is the Olive Ridley turtles nesting on Ostional Beach Wildlife Refuge. Every year between July and December hundreds of thousands of these big Olive Ridley turtles come onto Playa Ostional to lay their eggs. Make sure to book a night turtle nesting tour in advance, as they have limited visitors each day and night to protect the eggs and turtles. And if you’re lucky you can see the big turtles come up on the beach at the same time that some newborn baby turtles are getting out of the sand and getting down to the water.

Nosara has a lot of great restaurants, and the combination of healthy, vegan, and international food is perfect. Here you can find something for everyone. Tulu’s favorite restaurant is La Luna, only five minutes from Nosara on Playa Pelada. Here you have a front-row seat on this beautiful white sand beach and great Italian food that comes with great service from the friendly staff.

The best time to visit Nosara is almost year-around depending on what you want to do. The dry season is from November through April, but if you want to see the nesting Olive Ridley Turtles then it’s between July and December, with around September to November as peak months. They come up on land in 3-10 days at a time and we can help you predict the best time for upcoming arrivals with the park rangers’ help.

  • Inhabitants/size : 4900
  • Province : Guanacaste


The Gilded Iguana

The Gilded Iguana


Here is your ultimate tropical vacation, where you can surf to your heart's content, taking on some of the best surfs in the region.

From: 230 USD / night / double room. included: breakfast